$12 / day or $20 for the weekend.

9/4/14 Thursday – 10 bands
6:30pm: Plaguebot
7pm: Postboy
7:30pm: Coriander
8pm: Wonder Revolution
8:30pm: Hosmer
9pm: Slime Flower
9:30pm: Domestic Drone
10pm: The Travel Guide
10:30pm Faux Reality
11pm: Bridegeist
11:45pm: Suuns

9/5/14 Friday – 12 bands
5pm: Driver
5:30pm: Ryan Windham
6pm: Lewelheds
6:30pm: The Serpent Overlord
7pm: Soleb Theory
7:30pm: Brother Rabbit
8pm: Escatones
8:30pm: Living Ghost
9pm: Josh Huber
9:30pm: Hwy Lions
10pm: Semblance
10:30pm:Truck or Dead Horse
11pm: CJ Boyd
11:30pm: Tjutjuna
12:15pm: The Blind Shake

9/6/14 Saturday – 16 bands
4pm: Evasive Flowers
4:30pm: Kill Vargas
5pm: Deathblack Flowers
5:30pm: Mr. and the Mrs.
6pm: Cy J. Hamilton
6:30pm: Daddyo’s
7pm: Twin Cities
7:30pm: Money Badger
8pm: Expo 70
8:30pm: American Cream
9pm: Animal Lover
9:30pm: Foul Tip!
10pm: Darto
10:30pm: Shahman
11pm: Dead Rider
11:45pm: STNNNG

After party at Lucky’s Everyday: Flower of Flesh and Blood + The Ghouled’s DJ Goth Dance Party!



September 4, 5, 6 // Parker’s Grotto 123 N. Sycamore // $12 per day or $20 weekend

ICT FEST 2014 Lineup Announce

CJ Boyd
Animal Lover
Deathblack Flowers
Truck or Dead Horse
Cy J. Hamilton
Brother Rabbit
Mr. and the mrs.
American Mourning
Expo 70
Hwy Lions
Foul Tip!
Dead Rider
American Cream
Blind Shake
Josh Huber
Domestic Drone
The Serpent Overlord
Kill Vargas
Living Ghost
Slime Flower
Soleb Theory
The Travel Guide
Faux Reality
Twin Cities
Ryan Windham
Evasive Flowers
Wonder Revolution


The Blind Shake Minneapolis riff-scientists The Blind Shake have been troweling out detuned psych-noise
for a poor man’s decade. Known for murderous live sets and polite post-show interactions, the trio has gained the respect of dive bar owners, bookies, clergy, and no-name snitches nationwide. They have collaborated with psychedelic legend Michael Yonkers as well as downstroke warrior John Reis.



Reviler Review of “Key to a False Door”

The Dull Drums (OK) are playing ICT FEST 2014!

The Dull Drums of Tulsa, OKThe Dull Drums are simply one of the best contemporary psych bands and you WILL shake your ass as their primal psych-soul riffs expand your mind. It is impossible to stand still while these Tulsa, OK rockers bombard you with their catchy (but unpredictable) fuzzed out tunes. Their 2012 debut release, “SKIN YOU ALIVE,” offers some evidence of their power and skill but, as anyone who caught them at Kirby’s or Love Garden in Lawrence will testify, their masterful live performances will make you ask why they aren’t coheadlining shows with the likes of Dead Meadow and the Black Angels.

-Mason Monigold

Bandcamp: thedulldrums.bandcamp.com

The Daddyo’s (OK) are playing ICT FEST 2014!

1488656_775610735784128_1810837147_nIf David Lynch and Phil Spector had produced a sparse sunshine-pop female-duo for inclusion on the C86 tape – then we wouldn’t need the Daddyo’s. Their well recieved debut album, “It’s A Tough World Out There For A Lonely Girl,” recalls both the haunting sweetness of early Camera Obscura and the psych-folk intensity of Ty Segall.

The Daddyo’s are an up and coming part of Tulsa’s rich garage and psych-rock scene and recently played in Austin during SXSW.

Facebook: facebook.com/babydaddyos
Bandcamp: thedaddyos.bandcamp.com

-Mason Monigold


The Escatones of Houston, TXThe Escatones are supposedly a psychedelic-surf/garage rock band – but don’t expect a farfisa organ or strobe light timed to the tremolo pedal. The Escatones choose artistry over artifice 100% of the time. They draw on a wide range of influences that lets them ride a fresher wave than most neo-psych bands and garage/surf revivalists without straying far from the roots of the genre.

A band with their killer chops and damn good songs has no real need for live gimmicks, but that doesn’t stop the Escatones from regularly stripping down for a mid-performance dance party as you may have seen at their local Kirby’s and Eagles Lodge shows. The Escatones have put out a steady stream of solid records on the Artificial Head label. “So Long, Norman” is their latest release.

-Mason Monigold

Performer Announcement #6-Birthday Suits

Birthday Suits made their first visit to Wichita this last March with a stop at Lucky’s on their way to SxSW in Austin, Texas. The crowd that was lucky enough to make it to that first show was met with a dynamic range of punk, garage, and noisy rock from these two Japanese friends from Minneapolis.

After playing in punk band Sweet J.A.P., drummer Yuichiro Matthew Kazama and guitarist Hideo Takahashi re-teamed for a smaller but no less dynamic project. Birthday Suits moves swiftly between pummeling walls of noise, straightforward rock hooks, and unpredictable tangents. This is short-attention-span music: If a riff doesn’t grab you, wait a few seconds. Thrashing opener “This Is A Song” ends with a few puffs on a harmonica and Takahashi’s nonchalant off-mic ba-ba-ba’s. “Lost Weekends,” a Ramones-like ode to having nothing to do, strolls in on a totally unrelated drumbeat and exits the same way.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqSMlGU_7-Y&w=420&h=315]

Performer Announcement #5-STNNNG

Headliners of all of the truly great ICT FESTs of the past, STNNNG returns again at last to Wichita for ICT FEST 2012. Their last appearance at the festival won’t soon be forgotten by anyone who was lucky enough to attend–the set, documented in the video below, involved the entire crowd on stage face to face with the band, plus lots and  lots of hot dogs and donuts.

STNNNG is a 5-piece punk/post-punk/indie-rock band based in Minneapolis, MN. They have released three full-length albums on the Twin Cities-based Modern Radio Record Label, as well as a pair of split 7″ records and several compilation tracks.
The band was formed in late 2002 by guitarist Nathan Nelson and drummer J. Michael Ward. Nelson and Ward recorded three demo tracks in their downtown Minneapolis rehearsal space, and used those recordings to recruit guitarist Adam Burt and vocalist Chris Besinger into the group prior to their first live performance in April 2003. Bassist Jesse Kwakenat joined the band prior to the release of their debut album, Dignified Sissy in 2005. Ben Ivascu replaced Ward on drums in 2009, and made his recorded debut on 2010′s album, The Smoke of My Will.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imwQO2vkJbA]

Performer Announcement #4 – Native Daughters

Native Daughters,  former members of ICT FEST favorites Mustangs and Madras, are coming in a new form to ICT FEST 2012. Two guitars, two drums, and a bass make up this heavy, post rock massacre. This is a band that speaks for itself, and has to be experienced to believed.

We’re excited to welcome back our friends from Denver, and celebrate another festival with an all new sound.

For more information on Native Daughters, visit their Facebook page.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_w1QyFOPUI]