by Matthew Clagg
Bummer of Kansas City is a twenty foot tall enclosure of sonic dissonance that you couldn’t get out of if you wanted to, but you don’t want to. Mike Gustafson’s chunky-as-possible bass cuts a rhythm into a snarling and whining guitar noise played by Matt Perrin who shreds as though his life depends on it. Sam Hutchinson pounds out sharp and deep and blistering beats, the kind of drumming that makes you think of the caves in the middle of an endless night, and it drives everything forward at a pace that doesn’t let you pause to realize just how heavy this shit is, then everything lets up and your mind briefly understands that there is a diffrence between silence and noise before the next heavy, shredding, pulsing beat begins. Bummer will blast your heart in half while you stand nodding and smiling from ear to ear.


Ahh, Fairness. Fairness is the type of band that literally does get better every single time you see them. It can be hard to get the band itself to admit that, but that just makes me think that the more time I personally hear it and the more entrenched in their sway between lush melodies and aggressive sharp rhythms the more joy my mind gets from it. Jesse McConnell plays radiant, arching post rock washes of sound. Wichita’s rhythm section, Alec Jahn and Weston Townsley, keep their custom of impossibly good, deep cutting, staccato rhythms that keep the sound tight and the pace exhilarating. Frank Bravo’s guitar phases between needly tapping, tremolo surfing, and oceanic waves of color and texture. Put simply, this band fully rips and you should see them as soon as possible.

Doug Lynn’s solo loop pedal super project Filius Sol is a series of catchy, lovable, jammy tunes that build methodically as Doug creates looped parts that piece together to creating a full band sound from bass to shrill guitar solo, perfectly paced for his low, slow, careful vocals that show poetry and craft. Doug is a tone detective, and has carefully created songs that slowly build but quickly carry you away into his world, where everything happens at once and then just as quickly fades into chaotic noise, and then silence. Doug’s most recent set of songs clearly show a musician who is mastering his insturment, and listening deeply to the sound of the world.


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Be rad to each other. Thanks!



Come and hang and catch three very different yet extremely fun bands from right here in ICT!


Twin Cities
Indie rock about horror films and girlfriends.
Review of new LP “Missing Out On Nothing”

Surf doom psycahdelic garage wipe-out
Now featuring Helen Cruz on bass!

The hip-hop slayers taking over ICT. Featuring Marrice Anthony and Dez Hill.


Local label THIS AIN’T HEAVEN RECORDING CONCERN, owned and operated by ICT FEST founder Daniel Davis, has surpassed 100 releases in the 2 1/2 years of the label’s existence. One of the things I love about my friend Dan is that he is always thinking, and always looking for real shit happening in ICT and around the world. The result of all those thoughts is that over the next year TAHRC will launch a publishing arm, and connected to that will be quarterly label showcases, featuring bands who have current and upcoming releases on the label, plus artists, writers, filmmakers, and anyone who is making something worth looking at.

I was honored when Dan asked me to curate the first event, and I’ve put together something I’m really proud of. In collaboration with TAHRC, we’re pleased to bring you LIVING GHOST, RAW SPACE (who will be on tour in support of a new cassette via TAHRC that will be announced in the next couple of weeks), DOMESTIC DRONE, FRANCIS MOSS and SLIME FLOWER. There will be artwork in the gallery from ARMANDO MINJAREZ, HUGO ZELADA-ROMERO and MEGAN ST. CLAIR, some films will be screened by the BLUME BROTHERS (Ian and Seth) and their SPAGHETTI PARTY film collective, and there will be some short literature readings by TROY JAMES WEAVER (the co-founder of the new publishing branch of the label, TAHPC) and DAVEY MCCLAIN.

WALNUT ST. GALLERY 112 S. Walnut (One block south of Douglas in Delano)
Here’s the FB event with details on the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1517409558552168/


Maybe it was always there right beneath the surface, maybe it was just disconnected, but the all ages scene in ICT is undoubtedly here, and what’s coming out of it completely rules. Last night the Ryan Stoldt of Twin CitiesWalnut Street Gallery, hosted their first event in seven years. In 2007 the gallery / event space hosted both Murder By Death and Ian Mackaye’s The Evens. So what happened? Apparently, no one asked to do shows there in all that time. Everyone got comfortable doing shows at bars, and everyone under 21 during that time missed out on several hundred extraordinary and inspiring shows.

So what?

So here’s the thing. Music, like any art, suffers in a vacuum. If you haven’t stood toe-to-toe with your hero, seen her equipment, felt the vibration coming from the amps, witnessed the emotion in every cell of the band’s collective being while they play the song that means so much to YOU, and then talked to them after the show–you haven’t had the experience that drives so many of us into our basements and garages every night to obsessively do the work to find the sound that means so much to US. Put it this way–its super hard to make excellent music without first witnessing excellent music. And without a place to play your music in front of friends and strangers, the whole thing gets a different feel. And not a good one. Things fizzle out, fade. And thats what happened. Thats what shouldn’t happen in Wichita anymore.

Thanks to a grip of brave souls risking the wrath of cops and putting on house shows, to a handful of shops like The Donut Whole and R Coffee House allowing people to get in there and share what they have to share and experience the magic of live music, something is starting to happen. The groundswell is coming back. All ages means something in ICT. There are now a shitload of young bands that totally rip that you should go see. Does your band play exclusively bars? Change that! Find a band that can’t play a bar and ask them to play a show, and ask them where they want to do it. Teach them what you know about gear, promotion, making records. Invite them into your studio to record, collaborate with them. This is a community, embrace it. Watch it grow. Have fun.

See you at the show.


The Donut Whole
Rock Island Live
Mead’s Corner
WSU Shift Space Gallery
Walnut Street Gallery
R Coffee House
The Workroom
South Lulu Temple of Doom
Lime Green Scream
Tomb of Toons
Fairview Palace
Crown Uptown
The Cotillon

Did I miss one? Let me know-leave it in the comments below!



Slyly meandering from complex and offbeat buildups to soaring post-rock interludes, Fairness draws the listener into an ultimately contemplative musical experience. The Wichita four-piece favors variety and experimentation, allowing songs to blend frenzied parts with hypnotizing instrumentation.


by Thea Pajunen

Major Games

The first word that comes to mind upon listening to Major Games’ 2015 self-titled full length LP is dynamic. Each song is layered richly with skillful precision, the album oscillates from psych-tinged shoegaze to moodier alternative rock to groove-laden, more unpredictable tracks. Topped with equally versatile vocals, Major Games cover varied territory deftly to create a cohesive, atmospheric record whose layers reveal themselves with each repeat listen.

Hear Major Games at ICT FEST 2015 Friday September 4 at 10pm!

by Thea Pajunen

Twin Cities album release party w/ Kill Vargas and Postboy​

THE WALNUT STREET GALLERY which has hosted so many excellent ALL AGES shows in the past is opening its doors again for the album release party of the most choice TWIN CITIES. Also joined by young rippers KILL VARGAS and the pristine dreamy indie pop POSTBOY.

ALL AGES // $3 // 7:30 // NOV 6
112 S Walnut, Wichita KS in Delano


Christian Dior at Kirby’s TONIGHT (Sun Oct 25)

It seems like the last few years there have been an increasing number of completely excellent shows, so much to the point that I sometimes I have to stop and wonder if the music is really getting better or if I suddenly just started liking everything I hear. I’m pretty sure there are just a lot of killer bands out there, and I’m pretty sure tonight is going to be another one of those magical nights where I experience something my brain and heart can hardly handle. I rarely say ‘don’t fuck up by missing this show!’ but seriously,

Tonight at Kirbys B. Store​. The best possible of times, for the sweet sweet price of $$$tip$$$.



Madison duo Christian Dior works in a grimy blur of immediacy, swinging from shoegaze tenderness to snide punk outbursts on the new Patriot Glass/Dioria tape. Each side has only three tracks but functions as its own separate EP, one produced by guitarist/vocalist Spencer Bible and the other by drummer Mike Pellino. While the whole tape’s an admittedly lo-fi, that doesn’t mean production was an afterthought: “Iodine,” on Pellino’s more layered, digitally produced side, builds its melody through quiet, morose swells and a restrained vocal from Bible, whereas “Tarsands,” on Bible’s side, uses a stripped-down, one take approach to create a sense of nullifying claustrophobia.

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds w/ Charlie Megira, Domestic Drone and Postboy Live at Barleycorn’s

9PM // 21+ // $10

Kid Congo Powers
Ex guitarist for The Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and The Gun Club.

Charlie Megira charliemegira.bandcamp.com

and locals
Domestic Drone domesticdrone.bandcamp.com
Postboy postboy.bandcamp.com

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds

Waking from a nap in the swamps of outer space, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds ride a geisterbahn into the hypnagogic, a place between sleep and consciousness also known as the “Haunted Head”. “Haunted Head” is the third LP Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds has oozed out for In The Red Records. Legendary guitar stylist Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) and long time cohorts, bassist Kiki Solis (Knife In The Water), drummer Ron Miller (Up The Academy), and guitarist Jesse Roberts (Sandrider, The Ruby Doe) take matters into their own mitts by having Jesse engineer and Ron mix the record at the now well-known Harveyville Project High School in Kansas. “Haunted Head” reflects the band at its purest distillation. The Pink Monkey Birds create a cocktail of fuzz guitars, New Orleans drum beats, soulful strut bass lines, and sonic ambrosia from beyond. The trip of your dreams includes the “cheap and tawdry” in a tribute to dearly departed actress Susan Tyrell (“Su Su”), the morphing of Jerry Lee Lewis with Phyllis Diller (“Killer Diller”) and the plain ol’ insanity of romantic love (“Dance Me Swamply”). The band will also tell you how they LIKE “the mondos and the cholos and the weirdos and he freaks” on the rollicking track “Let’s Go!” and how they DON’T LIKE “neocons in square back suits” and “throwing up in a dirty phone booth “ on the punky proclamation “I Don’t Like”. I mean, who does? In the title ballad “Haunted Head”, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds ask the listener “What’s inside your Haunted Head? Are you alive or are you dead? Are you kissing and a huggin? Are you pushin’ and a shoving? “. Perhaps only in dreams could you answer such a question.