So you want to book a show in Wichita?

So you want to book a show in Wichita? Its pretty easy if you make sure you cover all the bases. Lineup, promotion, and location are your primary concerns. If you have the work done three weeks before the show, you can use the time leading up to it to do word of mouth promotion and relax knowing the show will go well.

1.) Lineup
The best possible lineup will be two local bands and one touring band with the touring band always playing second. Find two local bands with friends that will would be into both the touring band and the other local bands’ jams, and ideally find two locals with draws from different groups of people. This is how you will attract 60% of your crowd.

2.) Promotion
Promotion gets you the other 40% of possible attendees. The best possible promotion is to only book shows that you are extra-stoked to be booking. If you aren’t that into the band, its more than likely that no one you know will be either.

Aside from that, you need to make sure you get the word out through all the channels available. These include:

a.) A Facebook event with band names, venue location, date, door cost, age restriction, link to music / videos, and some sort of description about the band. This can be four paragraphs or one colorful adjective.

Make sure to send the event link to all the local band members in a group message to peer pressure them into inviting all of their friends. You should share the event on any Facebook group for local music you can find, as well as repeatedly on your own Facebook page, twitter feed, etc. Also let ICT FEST know about it and we’ll share it on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, because if you are booking shows we like you a lot.

b.) Flyers and Handbills. Don’t ever not make flyers or hand out handbills (into actual hands, not lying on a shelf in a coffee shop) unless you want no one to come to your show. If you are ever at a show and you find yourself whining about how no one is there, please ask yourself, did I hand out handbills into 100-200 hands? If your answer is no, then you should shut up and do a better job next time.

c.) Word of mouth. This is the most important and why you should only book bands that you personally know are 1000% dope. You need to tell everyone you know in person that they should come to this show, because you really believe that their life will be at least a little bit more rad if they are there.

Every show has a proper venue. This is determined by day of the week and what bands are playing. If you are booking everyones’ favorite band in the world, don’t book it at a house show. If you want young people to come to the a show with a band playing their first tour, book a house show. Always try to book a space that will feel full with whatever number of people come. At a Kirby’s show or house show, if you get 20 people out the band will feel like champs. That same number at a larger venue like Barleycorns or Rock Island will feel empty, which does not often equate to fun.

Wherever you pick, make sure you know when load in is, when set times are, who is in charge, what the money situation is, and what the size / quality / condition of the pa is. If you are doing a house show do NOT depend on them having a pa, because they definetly don’t have a pa.

Theres a lot more to learn, and I’ll write more posts down the road with more detail on all these topics, but if you follow these basic steps and actually give a shit you will know that no matter how the show goes down you did everything you could to make it as easy and fun as possible, which is a good feeling. The main thing is to always have fun. No matter the turnout, no matter anything, just keep have fun and things will go well. Its only a bummer when you decide it is.


ICT FEST this year is going to be a week of fun. Starting August 31 with shows at Barleycorn’s AND Kirby’s.

We are excited to welcome very special guests Beach Slang and Cayatena at Barleycorn’s August 31, who will be joined by Wichita own super-rippers The Travel Guide. Get your tickets now for this do-not-miss show!

9pm | 21+
$5 adv / $8 at the door

Get tickets:
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A three-piece from Philadelphia, PA, formed a band and a great friendship in early Fall 2011, creating indie punk poppy jams full of raw sound and energy.

Beach Slang:
Guitar, bass and drums. Played loudly. We make good trouble.* And better listeners. Your Mom will think we’re sweethearts. We kind of are. We hardly talk. So we make records.** And it feels good to feel like you finally belong. *James also plays in Weston, Ed also plays in Crybaby and JP also plays in Ex Friends. **Last Saturday, my friend Caroline told me, “You guys sound like what I imagine a one-night stand between The Psychedelic Furs and The Replacements would sound like.” I really kind of adore her for that.

Young Punk Takeover

From what remains of the all-ages scene in Wichita, two badass punk bands, Kill Vargas and Slime Flower, have emerged to remind everyone that you don’t need to be old enough to get into a bar to rock and roll and melt peoples faces.

Kill Vargas is punk of the pop variety, but you can hear a wide range of influences driving the music that keep it from feeling prepackaged or fake. I saw them at the LuLu Temple of Doom last month with the Serpent Overlord, Bastard Glow, and the Earth Dies Screaming and they definitely held their own. The vocals, more often than not, owe an obvious debt to Billie Joe Armstrong, but can easily veer off into Sex Pistols territory and beyond. The drums and bass bring it hard, but with Nirvana-esque intensity/volume drops that lull you back into a song only to burst back with a primitive garage rock stomp or classic punk rhythm. Kill Vargas talk a lot about riffs, and interestingly, the bass seems to take the load of the riffage responsibilities in the band. The guitar is definitely a presence but is sometimes meandering and thin, filling in the top end of the bands sonic space but only occasionally shining through. The most important thing I can tell you about Kill Vargas is that these boys are in it 100%. There is hardly a moment in the show where the teenage energy isn’t coming through not only in the music but in the gyrating, head banging, and general punk-rock-style-body-moving (lol) that brings to mind the on stage antics of the Blind Shake. These dudes obviously care about their music – and the awesome songs they’re putting out make it easy to care right along with them. Should you go see Kill Vargas? Yes! Today at 5pm at ICT Fest!

Slime Flower, who played the opening night of ICT Fest, are more of a garage punk/shitgaze band. Not nearly as tightly honed as the pop-punk of Kill Vargas, Slime Flower’s more primal delivery manages to become the musical embodiment of the raging teenage hormones that punk aspires to. Probably because they aren’t trying for it, they’re just living it. The guitar is featured instrument in this band, from big chugging power chords while the bass is riffing, to crazy angular solos equal parts beautiful and dissonant. The bass playing is increasingly more solid with every performance and never fails to get the job done. Not every drum fill, at the moment, seems to start or end exactly as planned but that just makes it sound that much sweeter when they really nail it. In a genre where exactitude can threaten to kill the soul of the music, Slime Flower are riding the wave of imperfection into the hearts of everybody that sees them. Cath their awesome, perfect, and totally botched take on the Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Keep your eye out for show announcements from both bands and be sure to catch Kill Vargas today next to the the Skate Park at 5pm for ICT Fest!

For more info check: and

-mason monigold


So what do you do when a major electrical crisis happens at your venue the day before the event you’ve spent a year planning? KEEP HAVING FUN.

Bad news came and we got to work, and thanks to a bunch of awesome people in Wichita ICT FEST will rage on!

TODAY THURSDAY Sep 4th. will be held at LUCKY’S EVERYDAY. They tried to do an a special all ages tonight for us, but the man said no. WE ARE SO SORRY! (Seriously, 90% of the effort put into the fest is BECAUSE its all ages, so this is a huge bummer. But everyone over 21+ COME OUT TO LUCKY’S! (also no one is going to tell you to not stand outside the fence so…)

FRIDAY SEP. 5 and SATURDAY SEP 6 will be held at 622 S Commerce across the street from the Commerce District skate park, so bring your board.

Fun will be had, jams will be heard. Bring some shade and chairs. See you tonight Wichita!


$12 / day or $20 for the weekend.

9/4/14 Thursday – 10 bands
7pm: Postboy
7:30pm: Coriander
8pm: Wonder Revolution
8:30pm: Hosmer
9pm: Slime Flower
9:30pm: Domestic Drone
10pm: The Travel Guide
10:30pm Faux Reality
11pm: Bridegeist
11:45pm: Suuns

9/5/14 Friday – 12 bands
5pm: Driver
5:30pm: Ryan Windham
6pm: Lewelheds
6:30pm: The Serpent Overlord
7pm: Soleb Theory
7:30pm: Brother Rabbit
8pm: Escatones
8:30pm: Living Ghost
9pm: Josh Huber
9:30pm: Hwy Lions
10pm: Semblance
10:30pm:Truck or Dead Horse
11pm: CJ Boyd
11:30pm: Tjutjuna
12:15pm: The Blind Shake

9/6/14 Saturday – 16 bands
4pm: Evasive Flowers
4:30pm: Kill Vargas
5pm: Deathblack Flowers
5:30pm: Mr. and the Mrs.
6pm: Cy J. Hamilton
6:30pm: Daddyo’s
7pm: Twin Cities
7:30pm: Money Badger
8pm: Expo 70
8:30pm: American Cream
9pm: Animal Lover
9:30pm: Foul Tip!
10pm: Darto
10:30pm: Shahman
11pm: Dead Rider
11:45pm: STNNNG

After party at Lucky’s Everyday: Flower of Flesh and Blood + The Ghouled’s DJ Goth Dance Party!



September 4, 5, 6 // Parker’s Grotto 123 N. Sycamore // $12 per day or $20 weekend

ICT FEST 2014 Lineup Announce

CJ Boyd
Animal Lover
Deathblack Flowers
Truck or Dead Horse
Cy J. Hamilton
Brother Rabbit
Mr. and the mrs.
American Mourning
Expo 70
Hwy Lions
Foul Tip!
Dead Rider
American Cream
Blind Shake
Josh Huber
Domestic Drone
The Serpent Overlord
Kill Vargas
Living Ghost
Slime Flower
Soleb Theory
The Travel Guide
Faux Reality
Twin Cities
Ryan Windham
Evasive Flowers
Wonder Revolution


The Blind Shake Minneapolis riff-scientists The Blind Shake have been troweling out detuned psych-noise
for a poor man’s decade. Known for murderous live sets and polite post-show interactions, the trio has gained the respect of dive bar owners, bookies, clergy, and no-name snitches nationwide. They have collaborated with psychedelic legend Michael Yonkers as well as downstroke warrior John Reis.


Reviler Review of “Key to a False Door”

The Dull Drums (OK) are playing ICT FEST 2014!

The Dull Drums of Tulsa, OKThe Dull Drums are simply one of the best contemporary psych bands and you WILL shake your ass as their primal psych-soul riffs expand your mind. It is impossible to stand still while these Tulsa, OK rockers bombard you with their catchy (but unpredictable) fuzzed out tunes. Their 2012 debut release, “SKIN YOU ALIVE,” offers some evidence of their power and skill but, as anyone who caught them at Kirby’s or Love Garden in Lawrence will testify, their masterful live performances will make you ask why they aren’t coheadlining shows with the likes of Dead Meadow and the Black Angels.

-Mason Monigold


The Daddyo’s (OK) are playing ICT FEST 2014!

1488656_775610735784128_1810837147_nIf David Lynch and Phil Spector had produced a sparse sunshine-pop female-duo for inclusion on the C86 tape – then we wouldn’t need the Daddyo’s. Their well recieved debut album, “It’s A Tough World Out There For A Lonely Girl,” recalls both the haunting sweetness of early Camera Obscura and the psych-folk intensity of Ty Segall.

The Daddyo’s are an up and coming part of Tulsa’s rich garage and psych-rock scene and recently played in Austin during SXSW.


-Mason Monigold


The Escatones of Houston, TXThe Escatones are supposedly a psychedelic-surf/garage rock band – but don’t expect a farfisa organ or strobe light timed to the tremolo pedal. The Escatones choose artistry over artifice 100% of the time. They draw on a wide range of influences that lets them ride a fresher wave than most neo-psych bands and garage/surf revivalists without straying far from the roots of the genre.

A band with their killer chops and damn good songs has no real need for live gimmicks, but that doesn’t stop the Escatones from regularly stripping down for a mid-performance dance party as you may have seen at their local Kirby’s and Eagles Lodge shows. The Escatones have put out a steady stream of solid records on the Artificial Head label. “So Long, Norman” is their latest release.

-Mason Monigold