Performer Announcement #6-Birthday Suits

Birthday Suits made their first visit to Wichita this last March with a stop at Lucky’s on their way to SxSW in Austin, Texas. The crowd that was lucky enough to make it to that first show was met with a dynamic range of punk, garage, and noisy rock from these two Japanese friends from Minneapolis.

After playing in punk band Sweet J.A.P., drummer Yuichiro Matthew Kazama and guitarist Hideo Takahashi re-teamed for a smaller but no less dynamic project. Birthday Suits moves swiftly between pummeling walls of noise, straightforward rock hooks, and unpredictable tangents. This is short-attention-span music: If a riff doesn’t grab you, wait a few seconds. Thrashing opener “This Is A Song” ends with a few puffs on a harmonica and Takahashi’s nonchalant off-mic ba-ba-ba’s. “Lost Weekends,” a Ramones-like ode to having nothing to do, strolls in on a totally unrelated drumbeat and exits the same way.


Performer Announcement #5-STNNNG

Headliners of all of the truly great ICT FESTs of the past, STNNNG returns again at last to Wichita for ICT FEST 2012. Their last appearance at the festival won’t soon be forgotten by anyone who was lucky enough to attend–the set, documented in the video below, involved the entire crowd on stage face to face with the band, plus lots and  lots of hot dogs and donuts.

STNNNG is a 5-piece punk/post-punk/indie-rock band based in Minneapolis, MN. They have released three full-length albums on the Twin Cities-based Modern Radio Record Label, as well as a pair of split 7″ records and several compilation tracks.
The band was formed in late 2002 by guitarist Nathan Nelson and drummer J. Michael Ward. Nelson and Ward recorded three demo tracks in their downtown Minneapolis rehearsal space, and used those recordings to recruit guitarist Adam Burt and vocalist Chris Besinger into the group prior to their first live performance in April 2003. Bassist Jesse Kwakenat joined the band prior to the release of their debut album, Dignified Sissy in 2005. Ben Ivascu replaced Ward on drums in 2009, and made his recorded debut on 2010’s album, The Smoke of My Will.

Performer Announcement #4 – Native Daughters

Native Daughters,  former members of ICT FEST favorites Mustangs and Madras, are coming in a new form to ICT FEST 2012. Two guitars, two drums, and a bass make up this heavy, post rock massacre. This is a band that speaks for itself, and has to be experienced to believed.

We’re excited to welcome back our friends from Denver, and celebrate another festival with an all new sound.

For more information on Native Daughters, visit their Facebook page.

Performer Announcement #3 – Rainbowdragoneyes

Rainbowdragoneyes is an unpredictable blend of 8bit, metal, and all of the insanity that comes with it.

Born in The South, and currently camped in the mountains of The West, one-man killing machine Rainbowdragoneyes 
explores the dichotomic and entirely plausible relationship between death metal and dance pop. He crafts his own unique powerful dance music using primitive 8 and 16 bit video game hardware (namely the Nintendo GameBoy) coupled with
modern alchemic techniques, adding equal parts anthemic melody and unequivocal fury with his vocal assault.

Over the years he has gathered a legion of loyal followers via an extended online network, the acquisition of his music playable in the Rock Band video game, as well as his appearances at international chiptune festivals, such as the 2009 Blip Festival in NYC and Datapop 4.0 in Austin TX. In the summer of 2010 he embarked on his first nationwide US tour with chipfriends Ovenrake, Wet Mango and Facundo, and the beginning of 2012 will kick off the Primordial Booze Cruise, his first full-USA tour.

His sophomore album “The Primordial Booze” was released on 3.3.11 via 8bitpeoples and his own label RAGE NOT RAVE.

For more information on Rainbowdragoneyes, visit:

Performer Announcement #2-Deathblack Flowers


ICT FEST fans from the past eight years should be familiar with This Great October, one of Wichita’s earliest and most influential post-rock bands. Chris Mackie, the bands guitar player, has continued on
through a number of projects over the years, and his latest incarnation is Deathblack Flowers. Now including Eric Harrison and Eric Medlin, both veterans of Boys Beware, Deathblack Flowers is a full force heavy, reverbed juggernaut of sound that feels like they’ve been playing together for years. We are excited to welcome these three ICT FEST veterans back in a new form.

For more information on Deathblack Flowers, visit:

Performer Announcement #1: JABBERJOSH!

Incredibly intense and constantly hilarious, Jabberjosh consists of the brothers Sam and Will Gunnerson. Jabberjosh is a band that is loved by fans of any genre, and, once seen, is never forgotten.

ICT FEST favorites for many years, we are excited to have the brothers back again this year for more of their drum and bass destruction and, hopefully, some celebrity birthdays.

Find more information about Jabberjosh on Facebook or Bandcamp

Stay tuned for more performer announcements, and a full lineup announcement on June 1st.


ICT FEST will be held July 27 and 28th at Shift Space gallery in downtown Wichita. This year the festival will feature over twenty five bands from all ranges from noise rock to punk to minimal electronic.

ICT FEST has always been about music, the community, and fun. This year is shaping up to be the best yet as musicians from across the Midwest make their way to play together for hundreds of Wichita’s finest.