So what do you do when a major electrical crisis happens at your venue the day before the event you’ve spent a year planning? KEEP HAVING FUN.

Bad news came and we got to work, and thanks to a bunch of awesome people in Wichita ICT FEST will rage on!

TODAY THURSDAY Sep 4th. will be held at LUCKY’S EVERYDAY. They tried to do an a special all ages tonight for us, but the man said no. WE ARE SO SORRY! (Seriously, 90% of the effort put into the fest is BECAUSE its all ages, so this is a huge bummer. But everyone over 21+ COME OUT TO LUCKY’S! (also no one is going to tell you to not stand outside the fence so…)

FRIDAY SEP. 5 and SATURDAY SEP 6 will be held at 622 S Commerce across the street from the Commerce District skate park, so bring your board.

Fun will be had, jams will be heard. Bring some shade and chairs. See you tonight Wichita!

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