Performer Announcement #5-STNNNG

Headliners of all of the truly great ICT FESTs of the past, STNNNG returns again at last to Wichita for ICT FEST 2012. Their last appearance at the festival won’t soon be forgotten by anyone who was lucky enough to attend–the set, documented in the video below, involved the entire crowd on stage face to face with the band, plus lots and  lots of hot dogs and donuts.

STNNNG is a 5-piece punk/post-punk/indie-rock band based in Minneapolis, MN. They have released three full-length albums on the Twin Cities-based Modern Radio Record Label, as well as a pair of split 7″ records and several compilation tracks.
The band was formed in late 2002 by guitarist Nathan Nelson and drummer J. Michael Ward. Nelson and Ward recorded three demo tracks in their downtown Minneapolis rehearsal space, and used those recordings to recruit guitarist Adam Burt and vocalist Chris Besinger into the group prior to their first live performance in April 2003. Bassist Jesse Kwakenat joined the band prior to the release of their debut album, Dignified Sissy in 2005. Ben Ivascu replaced Ward on drums in 2009, and made his recorded debut on 2010’s album, The Smoke of My Will.

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