Performer Announcement #6-Birthday Suits

Birthday Suits made their first visit to Wichita this last March with a stop at Lucky’s on their way to SxSW in Austin, Texas. The crowd that was lucky enough to make it to that first show was met with a dynamic range of punk, garage, and noisy rock from these two Japanese friends from Minneapolis.

After playing in punk band Sweet J.A.P., drummer Yuichiro Matthew Kazama and guitarist Hideo Takahashi re-teamed for a smaller but no less dynamic project. Birthday Suits moves swiftly between pummeling walls of noise, straightforward rock hooks, and unpredictable tangents. This is short-attention-span music: If a riff doesn’t grab you, wait a few seconds. Thrashing opener “This Is A Song” ends with a few puffs on a harmonica and Takahashi’s nonchalant off-mic ba-ba-ba’s. “Lost Weekends,” a Ramones-like ode to having nothing to do, strolls in on a totally unrelated drumbeat and exits the same way.


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