Watching Sin Lengua will overload your brain if you try to focus on everything happening on stage at once. The brutally fast and supremely precise drumming of Skylar Marshall(Pink Mister, Self Mutilator, Low Oriole, Hosmer) paired with the speed-shredding of Johnny Chucho (Ghost Town Strays) and the harsh upon harsh vocals of Brandon Adams (Hosmer) create not just a wall of sound but a tidal wave that sucks you in and hold you in its grip until the crushing gravity of the song expires itself, usually within two minutes or less.

Sin Lengua is one of those bands that you at first think you can put in a box and put a label on, but a few seconds later the label starts melting, catches on fire, and burns the box to the ground. The creativity of these three collaborators has led to a truly one of a kind sound that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of taste or style due the quality, originality, and craftsmanship they have put into developing their songs.

To put it plainly, it’s just GOOD. Extremely good. Made over long hours with extraordinary attention to detail, exploring ideas and sounds that all three are deeply concerned with. Catch them as soon as possible. Every show is bound to be better than the last, and you don’t want to miss a single one.

See them FRIDAY SEP 2 at ICT FEST 2016