Standing In The Color – Singularity

Post-rock, instrumental, experimental, prog-rock, from Wichita, KS

The first thing I noticed about Singularity was the extraordinary musicianship. Standing In The Color has been around for six years now, and you can hear every bit of the time they’ve spent fine tuning their sound in this record. Songs build by setting up patterns, adding layers of complex nuances when a sudden small change in rhythm will lead to a whole new dimension of sound. The recording is extraordinarily precise, the drumming is heavy but crystalline, the bass is a massive constant driving tone, and the guitar runs frantically through a cascade of sounds throughout the ten tracks.

Listening to the album feels like traveling through space in a fully realized ship. Every detail has been considered and polished; honed until every note is perfectly placed.

Tempos remain driving and singularly focused throughout the record. There is a destination leading from front to back, and nothing turns the ship off course. The title reveals it all. It’s a straight dive out of the earth and into the heart of a black hole. Ten tracks of the path leading to the moment when the universe compresses in on itself and time stops.

Listen to the single ’25’, and catch them Saturday at Barleycorn’s for the cd release show.